Hameiri Tsfat Dairy is the first dairy to be established in Israel, producing gourmet cheeses of only the purest of sheep and goat milk for 170 years.

Groups and individual visitors who visit the dairy are deeply moved and impressed by this amazing site, meticulously constructed in four levels of tiny stones collected from the alleyways, stone by stone.

The ancient city that was destroyed in the great turmoil.

The tour combines fascinating stories of Tsfat and the dynasty of the generations of the Hameiri family, of the source of the name “Tsfatit cheese” and of the most hidden secrets in the preparation of these cheeses.

During the tour, a sound-light show will be screened, illustrating an average production day at the dairy, and upon its completion, visitors will receive samples of the dairy cheeses to taste.

The tour is about 3/4 of an hour in length, at the end of which visitors may purchase cheeses and other unique products from the dairy shop.

The price for the tour is NIS 20 per adult and NIS 15 for children over the age of 3.

Families and individuals: Every Friday, a guided tour of the dairy takes place at 12:00.

Groups:  Guided tours for groups are available at the dairy from Sundays to Thursdays.

Coordination in advance only:  Telephone 04-6921431, 052-3721609.

Minimum 6 people per group.

Travel agents and tour guides:  Please contact us by email