About Us

Hameiri Dairy is the first dairy in Israel, established by Meir Arzoni (the family name was later changed to Hameiri) – the first generation of the family, emigrating from distant Persia in 1840, immediately following the lethal earthquake in Tsfat that occurred in 1837.

As the first generation of the Hameiri family in Israel, Meir Arzoni decreed two rules in his will regarding the house, that have been followed to this day.

The first rule was that the house would always pass in inheritance to one son, the one of his generation who takes the name Shlomi or Meir.  Thus, the home was passed on from Meir to his son Shlomi, and afterwards to Shlomi’s son, Meir, to Grandfather Shlomo Hameiri (RIP), to his son Meir Hameiri, and it will eventually be passed on to his older brother, Shlomi.

The second rule was that the house would never be put up for sale or rent.

Meir Hameiri, who had nine siblings, was always asked how the other siblings could agree to relinquish all rights to the inherited house and dairy.  Meir always replied that apparently the siblings
knew very well that the house would be more of a burden than an asset, and were relieved that in their particular generation, they weren’t named Meir or Shlomi.  Up until seven years ago, Meir Hameiri thought the dynasty had come to an end, as the eldest son, Shlomi suffered from a childhood disability and was unable to continue to maintain the house and produce cheeses.  However, seven years ago, the younger son, Yaniv, decided to leave his profession as an accountant in the center of the country, and together with his wife and family, he returned to the north to assist in the family business.

From 1840 to today, Hameiri Dairy produces delectable goat and sheep cheeses of the highest quality.