Hameiri vacation apartments

In the more than 160-year-old, curved stone house, we offer 3 luxurious vacation apartments. 
The Zimmer  are located in the most unique section of the Old City of Tsfat in the north of israel, a walking distance from the region of synagogues and alleyways of Old Tsfat and looking out over the Meron Mountains and sacred burial sites, above Hari Mikva.

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Hameiri Family Lemon apartment

Lemon vacation apartment

The family holiday vacation apartment unit
– very special, constructed in stone in 2 levels.  The unit includes 7 beds, 2 washrooms, a
kitchen and dining room.  The unit is air-conditioned.  The kitchen is equipped with all you need for Shabbat – a hot water samovar, an electric plate, a microwave oven and a fridge.  The unit
boasts a large terrace that overlooks the Meron Mountains and the sacred burial sites. Zimmer in the Galilee

Hameiri Family Olive apartment

Olive vacation apartment

Guest house ideal for a couple + 3 children Magnificent in its beauty, constructed of tiny stones, includes a large terrace overlooking the breathtaking view. vacation apartment Zimmer in the Galilee

Hameiri Family vine apartment

Geffen vacation apartment

 ideal for a couple + 2 children…. Zimmer in the Galilee

Hameiri Family Fig apartment

Fig vacation apartment

vacation apartment ideal for a couple + 3 children
Very spacious, includes a large, fully-equipped kitchen for Shabbat, as well as dining room.