Directions by vehicle:

Entry from the southern side of Tsfat

From Amiad Junction, drive towards Rosh Pina.  About two minutes before Rosh Pina, turn up the Elifelet intersection going left on Road 89 towards TSfat, drive approximately 8 km.

Enter the southern entrance of Tsfat and drive right, turn with the road until you reach a roundabout, and turn right to drive uphill.

After 100 meters, turn right again at the next roundabout towards Tsfat Hospital, continue up and go past the hospital to the end of the rise.  At the roundabout at the end of the rise, turn left and immediately afterwards, at the next roundabout, turn left again.

Drive straight until you get to the third roundabout, which has an olive tree in the middle of it.  Continue straight uphill, all the way until you reach Hameiri Tsfat Cheeses.

If you are coming from the direction of Tsomet Meron, continue straight on Road 89 until you can turn left to enter
the southern entrance of Tsfat.

Entry from the northern side of Tsfat

Pass the Sonol gas station at the entrance to the city, and continue straight until you reach Egged Central Bus Station.

Under the bus station is a roundabout.  Go around the roundabout and continue downhill, and then uphill immediately afterwards.

Continue straight, passing Mifal Hapais and a school, until you reach another roundabout.  Turn right and continue on straight.  The road will curve to the right and you will come to another roundabout (Safra). 

Go around it and continue downhill.  On the right you will see a large clock tower and on the left a flower shop.

Continue straight, passing Tslil Center, until you reach a crossroads. 
Turn left, go under the bridge and continue straight downhill.  Pass Tsfat Shopping Mall and Macabee Health
Services and continue to the bottom of the hill where you will reach a fork in the road.  Turn left and curve left with
the road, driving downhill until you reach a junction.  At the junction, turn right and then right again, after a few meters.


Hameiri Tsfat Cheeses

Old City, Tsfat

By GPS, follow Keren Hayasod St.

Tel: 04-6921431

Fax: 04-6822018

Cell: 052-3721609